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It’s better to have the wrong idea and good timing than the right idea and bad timing.

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This membership is not for "day traders." The trading system is designed to require absolutely minimum time in front of screen. Swing trades last a few weeks on average.

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Never miss a trading opportunity with entry and target levels.

✓ Get entry and exit trade alerts via Twitter. 
✓ Get real time market moving news alerts. 
✓ Get market support & resistance levels.
✓ Get chart pattern set ups.
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We combine a complex trading algorithm along with options flow and our expertise to identify pressure points that will propel big moves.

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Option trading that works

Our stock option trading strategies offer profitable alerts through Twitter. Get up to 20%-400% targeted profits with our single-leg, call or put directional option trades. We are the best option advisory service available.



Peter Walkin
Robert Porter
Dina Johnson

How long are you in a trade?

Our options trading strategy offers single leg directional call and put trades for swing trades. We target safe, 20% gains over and over while also taking calculated shots at triple-digit winners. Trades last a few weeks on average.

How much money do I need?

Any account size welcome! Making a cash account (non margin) gives you potential to day trade without a specific level of funds. It’s all about your risk profile and goals. Chat with us about your goals and needs. We are here to help you grow and answer any questions you may have via email or chat.

Do you tweet entries and exits?

Yes, I tweet in real time when I get into a trade. Everyone has different goals and risk tollerances. When I get in the play and once it turns profitable, I will announce to manage risk. At this moment it’s best to manage your account by taking profits, scaling (by taking risk off the table), or holding if you want to risk it. I announce live when I scale/sell on the way up.

Do you post your trade history?

Yes, all past trades are posted in my Private Twitter feed.


"dudeee you saw this rally a mile before it came. good job trading for it. pretty amazing run today."

"Transparent trading at its finest... make $$$ when the market goes up or down @classicoptions"

A few days in and really impressed with the results so far! Hundreds of % up in all directions wow!

Robert Shapiro, CEO of trulr

Loving it! making money even with retraces and choppy day. well done