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ClassicOptions Premium Services is an educational and informational stock charting service. ClassicOptions, LLC is obligated to meeting this contractual service agreement to its fullest extent, while the purchaser of the service is responsible for the agreed upon cost. Sharing of service will not be permitted and/or tolerated and will be grounds for termination of your subscription immediately! You are agreeing to purchase this premium service for the defined length of time specified and all recurring monthly payments when subscribing to ClassicOptions Premium Services. There are no refunds or partial refunds for the services provided. ClassicOptions Premium Services are for educational and informational purposes only and are strictly prohibited from distribution of any kind. All subscriptions are renewed automatically through PayPal services. Once cancelation is received, contract of service is terminated. Prices are subject to change, Promo offer is only good for new members and only good for a limited time. If you intend or desire to cancel your service before renewal, you must do so before your next individual billing cycle starts, through PayPal. ClassicOptions Premium Services are solely intended for the individual subscribing to the service only. ClassicOptions, LLC reserves the right to cancel your membership at anytime for abusing these informational privileges or other misconduct of any kind. There could be some days without service throughout the year for personal or technical reasons, but ClassicOptions, LLC is committed to providing you with continuous education and information throughout the year to its fullest extent. Anyone who wants mobile notifications for alerts can set mobile notifications through enabling twitter settings.